Interglotz earthworks - 2016 Actual

A workover is needed at one of our bigger structures - the Shadow Pavillon. This will be done in 2016 - with a new roof.

The earthen labyrinth and clayvillage represents our actual engagement in Berlin.
During last years we extended our project and the playground, sited at Britzer Garden.

Constructing our widening space will for a further season will be the main topic on our agenda. Have a look for it:
For our small visitors we will also in 2011 offer a chance to take part in shaping tiny sculptures and take part in the creation of some bigger structures. We plan to built two huge mosaic objects and a new oven ...

Visible in the widescreen and above: In the center we built the 'Travillion', a 3-door tower with a two level roofing. Inside we got nicely tuned bells, moved by the wind. The whole range of running walls with decorated cassettes (filled with claybricks) is about 70 meters.

Already done: The inner and front part of the 'Lab'. Five years ago we designed the front entrance, looking like a Chinese - Native American tribes mix of Styles. Now the clayvillage has got a small eARTh-Shop.
Details: Wooden totem poles at the entrance gate - and a big stone, with a relief of a carved in planet labyrinth.

Painting of the 'One World Playground' in Britzer Garden - based on a donation of the German Childrens Aid Foundation we've painted a 500 square meter wide areal ... the work has been joined by a class of pupils of the C. Sonnenschein Primary-School, Tempelhof.

Further artwork : mosaic! - Click it!

© 2011 by Rainer Warzecha, Interglotz-Visionen, Koepenicker Str.154a, 10997 Berlin, Germany